What is Tabbalabba?

Tabbalabba is a worldwide celebration bringing together family and friends. Traditionally it takes place at the end of May and continues through the first week of June. It's all about creating great memories and taking part in festivities unique to Tabbalabba...

Don't forget your sock puppets!

It's a key tradition of the festival and this year is no different. Take part in the sock puppet parade, share your videos and show off your individuality with a magnificent sock puppet creation. One of the most popular elements of the event is the sock-puppet high-five, accompanied with a simple 'Happy Tabbalabba'.

The exchanging of your sock puppet during Tabbalabba week (swapping with a different family member or friend every year) is also routine, growing a sock puppet collection of every friend and family member in your life, throughout the whole of your life.

There is much speculation as to the origins and significance of the Tabbalabba sock puppet, but it is widely believed that we’re simply sharing our proudest, most fun moments of the previous year through the socks that walked us there, rewarding our socks with a face and an identity for a fun, well deserved retirement!

Bunting, Bubbles and Bluecake

The traditional Tabbalabba bunting flags are drawn on, written on, coloured and decorated - each flag representing a fine memory shared with friends and family during the past 12 months, and often beyond. The Bunting is strung around homes and gardens for the Tabbalabba celebration week, growing in length as new memory flags are added each year. It is becoming more popular to attach photographs and all sorts of memorabilia to bunting flags, thus giving an annual airing to items that would otherwise be tucked away in a drawer and forgotten forever.
Bubbles are used to capture wishes, hopes and dreams for the future. Children blow their secret wish into a bubble, casting it away to drift through the air. The wish swirls around inside the bubble, magically growing bigger and bigger until it bursts out into the breeze.

Bluecake is the traditional fun-food of Tabbalabba and can be represented by any cake-type that is predominantly blue in colour. Bluecakes of all shapes and sizes are prepared well ahead of Tabbalabba, ready to share with family and friends during the celebrations. While no other specific foods or dishes are directly associated with Tabalabba, there is a firm focus on breakfast during Tabalabba as friends and family typically gather for a breakfast get-together (rather than an evening gathering more common at Christmas time) providing fuel for the rest of the days celebrations.


In response to public demand for a “whole family” and “true friends” celebration (without the ‘restrictions’ of Mother’s day and Father’s day for example), Tabalabba first emerged in 2009 at Gulliver’s Family Theme Parks, spanning 3 locations across the UK.  Since then, multiple other organisations, independent groups and fun-loving families and friends have adopted the event, its name and its traditions. Tabbalabba at Gulliver’s remains a firm favourite in the family event calendar, and Gulliver’s continue to lead the way in providing the ultimate environment for those choosing to spend Tabbalabba at it’s birthplace, absorbed in the heart and soul of family festivities and friendly celebrations.