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Nerf Rebelle Guardian Crossbow

Price: £19.99


Nerf Rebelle Guardian Crossbow - Nerf Rebelle Blasters

An impressive precision crossbow with blaster action and flexing bow arms, the Nerf Rebelle Guardian Crossbow blends blaster action with crossbow precision. Slide the front handle to flex the bow arms back and ready the blaster for play. Pull the trigger and watch the bow arms propel forward as darts soar up to 75 feet toward the target. By holding the trigger and pumping, players can instantly transition between single shot and multi shot mode, unleashing a rapid stream of darts for exciting nonstop action!


  • Includes six collectable Nerf Rebelle darts.
  • Take aim 6-dart rapid blasting
  • Nerf Rebelle crossbow has flexing bow arms
  • Guardian Crossbow fires darts up to 75 feet
  • Fire one dart at a time or all 6 darts in a rapid stream
  • Ages 8 and up

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