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Picture of Letter from Santa with Santa's Little Helper

Letter from Santa with Santa's Little Helper

Price: £15.00

* Child's First Name
* Child Age
* Gender
* Your child has been good this Year by...
* What are you getting your child for Christmas
* First line of address
* Child's Full Name and Postal Address

Please ensure you preview your text before buying the letter!


If your child has been good this year and you're looking for a magical way of saying well done, this could be the perfect treat! Complete the forms above and Santa will send your child a personalised letter within two weeks of Christmas. He'll tell them how they've been good, and even mention some special presents he'll be bringing on Christmas Eve!

This letter also includes a Santa's Little Help Soft Toy.

Subject to Availability. Please note this image is for illustration purposes only and  Santas Little Helper toy may differ.

We'll also include some magical landing dust to help Rudolph find your home!


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