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F15 Air Jet

Price: £10.95

F15 Air Jet - BanBao Building Blocks

The F15 air jet is the most modern fighter jet of the air force. With its special twin turbo engines, this jet is simply too fast for any opponent. Two heavy machine guns are mounted on both wings, this jet has a lot of firepower on board! Making it vastly superior over enemy fighter jets. Experience your own battles in the sky with the BanBao air forces.


  • This set consists of 1 ToBee and the Amazing F15 Air Jet
  • Made from Chunky and Durable Plastic
  • Perfect for little hands!
  • Comes with 150 pieces
  • Hard wearing and tough
  • Great for building creativity and imagination
  • Compatible with Major Brands
  • Suitable for children from the age of 5

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