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Black Widow

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Black Widow - Race Club Series - BanBao Building Blocks

The Black Widow is a tough racing car with an intimidating appearance due to its black and white details! Everyone recognises immediately its sporty characteristics, the mesh in the front with integrated lights and alloy wheels!  It is incredibly fast and agile in order to take sharp turns.  This is a great advantage while many tracks consist of sharp bends.  Just create yourself now a world of building blocks and virtual reality, and start racing with the tough Black Widow!


Build your Race Club Car with the building blocks of BanBao.  Your Race Club Car is one of the sixteen amazing racing cars with pull back action of the BanBao Race Club series. Using an iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet you can scan the card included, to let the car come virtually alive on your screen. Scan the included track and start racing! Collect all models and race alone or against your friends!