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Ancient Lion

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Ancient Lion - Creatables Series - BanBao Building Blocks

The prehistoric lion is the largest and most powerful predator. During the day the lion rests, while when  twilight falls, he and the group go hunting. Today zebra is on the menu, a delicious meal!  The lion awaits quietly nearby the water and attacks its prey when it goes to drink. There comes the zebra, the lion hides in the bushes and waits silently! Then, when the zebra is busy drinking, and doesn't expect it, the lion attacks quickly and controlled. Crawl into the body of the lion yourself, and go hunting!
This set consists of the right building blocks for three different wild animals. Build one of the three Creatables with the building blocks of BanBao.  Play with the wild animals and discover yourself the exciting world of Creatables!


  • This toy set consists of one prehistoric lion. (or build one of the other designs

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