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Ancient Bird

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Ancient Bird - Creatables Series - BanBao Building Blocks

Did you ever want to fly over the plains of Africa and see the wild animals from above? Now you can do it! Put yourself in the place of a large prehistoric bird and watch all the wild animals from the air. Giraffes, lions, zebras and a lot more beautiful animals are walking below. Go hunting and fly over the large plains in search of a tasty prey, like a rabbit or a mouse. And look, there goes a rabbit! The prehistoric bird of prey shoots down like a spear and graps the rabbit with its strong claws! A delicious meal for this giant bird of prey! This set consists of the right building blocks for three different wild animals. Build one of the three Creatables with the building blocks of BanBao. Play with the wild animals and discover yourself the exciting world of Creatables!


  • This toy set consists of one prehistoric Bird. (or build one of the other designs
  • Number of blocks 295

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