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Aircraft Carrier

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Aircraft Carrier - BanBao Building Blocks

This impressive BanBao Aircraft Carrier is the second largest ship in the banbao navy, designed to allow planes and helicopters to land and take off. Planes can protect a large area, without having to stay in the air all the time. This saves a lot of fuel and planes can be deployed in at the right time. In case of danger, far away from the base, this aircraft carrier is a handy combat vessel. The aircraft carrier is a cool play set from the military BanBao series, with which you'll have hours of fun, due to the enormous amount of blocks and characters! Experience an exciting adventure and protect the air space from this aircraft carrier!


  • Contains 1 x Aircraft Carrier , planes, helicopter
  • 1 x motor boat, 12 Tobee figures, and several other accessories.
  • Suitable for children from the age of 5.