Interactive Learning

Gulliver’s workshops are designed to be both fun and informative. The curriculum based sessions will help children to engage with subjects and themes connected to KS1 and KS2. Each school group will receive 1 free educational workshop as part of their day out.

A group inside the Royal Mine Caves

Royal Mine Caves

This is a great way to introduce topics such as geology and local history to children. We’ll provide information about the mines and their significance to the area. Additional park activities include entrance to the cave and panning for gold.

WW2 fighter jets flying

RAF Burtonwood

Explore the history of RAF Burtonwood, we’ll present key facts and items from the site. RAF Burtonwood was the largest airbase in Europe with strong links to the local community and America.

An iguana lizard

Reptile Encounters

Groups can learn all about these incredible creatures, understanding how they survive, where they live and what makes them unique. Meet our resident reptiles as part of your additional park activities.

A dinosaur hatching from an egg

Dinosaur Workshops

This classroom based workshop will look closely at the pre-historic world of dinosaurs. Our dinosaur team will be presenting some amazing facts and we’ll have special surprises too. Worksheets will be available for groups exploring the dinosaur areas on park.

Three children in the kitchen

Curious Kitchen

Exploring tastes, textures and healthy eating, we’ll be showcasing some curious kitchen experiments presented by our team. Cookery school activities are also available as part of your park visit.

The Pteranadon Ride

Swings & Roundabouts

Learn more about theme park rides and attractions, discovering fun facts about design and technology, the forces that make the rides work and the funny feelings they can create.