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One Family Team!

To all of our valued team members,

As you may be aware, we’ve today made the difficult but sensible decision not to open our theme parks this weekend and to suspend ongoing operations for the immediate period ahead. Owing to the current situation we are unfortunately unable to determine when exactly we will be in a position to re-open our doors.

This heart-wrenching decision has of course been taken owing to the wellbeing of our teams and customers remaining our top priority.

As a family business employing lots of local people therefore, we would like at this stage to assure you all that we are working hard to maintain our workforce and to minimise employment disruption as best as we can. We are as yet unaware of the extent of employment support that will be offered from the government in this respect.

In the meantime however, we will do our utmost to offer support to any individual and/or their families who may start to face significant health concerns or financial hardship. Please if you need help, do contact us and we will do our best to explore some short term solutions, offer updated and transparent information (to the best of our knowledge) and even exploit resources available to us which may be of a small help to you.

Rest assured therefore we will be working to keep as many of our employees, who as you know are like family to us, in jobs and to continue working, while it is safe to do so, wherever possible.

Plus, we’re not ‘downing tools’ on the development of our amazing new family theme park in Rother Valley either!

Never in 42 years could we have anticipated times as challenging as these. However, it is the collective commitment and team spirit of our dedicated staff members, and your true Gulliver’s Grit (that only a Gulliver’s person really understands) that we know will see us through to the other side of this painfully uncertain period. So thank you to you all.

Turning finally therefore to assure you that as a family, we are sticking to our values: Passion and Pride, Trust and Respect, One Family Team!

Please all stay safe and we trust you’ll be alongside us when we’re ready to open our doors again as soon as we possibly can.

Mr & Mrs Phillips, Julie and Nick