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Face-Coverings Update

Keeping you safe

Face coverings are mandatory in our theme park gift shops, take-aways and when using all rides and attractions. We have listened to all of your views and worked with our guests and staff to apply the safest solutions.

Giving our guidance context

Firstly we should clarify that within our unique environment (and specifically when using rides and attractions) government guidance on face-coverings is significantly superseded by their guidance on social distancing, the social responsibility of our guests, and the control points identified when conducting our covid-secure business risk assessment.

You will recognise that rides and attractions are places where our operators must come into close contact with guests, where people scream, laugh and shout, and where people are in rapid or irregular motion, moving quickly into airspace previously occupied by another. Prior to re-opening, we developed our covid-awareness traffic-light system for guests to assess the different transmission levels on each ride, taking all of the above, and much more, into account.

It is owing to these environmental and behavioural conditions that we implemented the necessary safety controls. Whilst government guidance indicates that children under 11 years of age do not need to wear a face-covering when in shops and take-aways, the specific detail associated to rides and attractions (especially at venues designed for multiple guests of this younger age) can only be determined by a responsible business operator, committed to safeguarding their guests and staff.

What we are asking

Therefore, given our audience demographic, we have asked that all those aged 3 years and above wear face-coverings whilst using the rides and attractions. Face coverings can take the form of neck gaiters, summer scarves or bandanas, but do not need to be face ‘masks’.

Children under 3 years of age (who are not recommended to wear face-coverings) collectively form a very small minority of our total audience, thus naturally reducing the number of interactions with staff members and hence lowering transmission risk to an absolute minimum.

We are following government guidance on social distancing in a covid-secure workplace by limiting staff interactions with members of the public, especially at less than a two-metre distance and especially in the absence of face-coverings.

Information for those unable to wear face coverings

For those unable to wear face-coverings, please indicate as such at the time of pre-booking. This will enable us to continue to understand the number of expected interactions, to further assess risk and to identify advanced safety measures where necessary. The system also offers an enhanced level in our ability to assist with contact tracing.

At the time of pre-booking you will be given an option to indicate if you are exempt from wearing a face-covering. When you arrive at the park, please bring your proof of eligibility for exemption and we will provide you with a suitable indicator that helps our ride operators identify you as exempt. You will then be permitted to use the rides and attractions without a face-covering.

For bookings made earlier in the year, please email safesteps@gulliversfun.co.uk indicating your booking reference number, your visit date and the number of persons in your party who are elligible for exemption. We will then apply this information to your reservation, ready for the day of your visit.

This shared responsibility does marginally affect the transmission risk for our staff and other guests, reflected in our covid-awareness traffic light system across all four of our theme park resorts.

To further protect all guests and for your peace of mind, our staff members who are also unable to wear face-coverings will not be operating the rides during this time.

Thank you for your feedback

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our guests and staff for their valuable feedback. As a family business with hundreds of employees with families of their own, it’s obvious that we too have witnessed the suffering and loss of loved ones owing to Covid-19. You’ll understand therefore that we will not underestimate the importance of safeguarding our guests, our teams and their families.

We will continue to comply with government guidance, to listen to our guests and to update our safe-steps. We will continue to make adjustments at a sensible pace in order to deliver safe family days out.

This constructive, collective approach from our guests and staff has proven that we are indeed, all in this together.

Thank you for your support, patience and understanding and we hope to see you soon!

The Gulliver’s Family